Work your way through IBS

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Work your way through IBS Pdf

Work your way through IBS Pdf
Work your way through IBS Pdf

I have, as an author, attempted to unravel IBS before your eyes so that the Mystery is but an open door to achieving freedom from IBS. Enjoy “Work your way through IBS” as I have in writing it.

While there are numerous books published on this topic, I focus specifically on the most comprehensive, accurate and well-researched information, whilst taking a sympathetic, yet direct approach to YOU and relieving you of your symptoms of IBS.

In short, I have attempted to produce the best, concise, resources available for sufferers. After all your life’s taken up with IBS right now. You don’t need another time sink do you?

Its direct in its approach some would say ‘no nonsense’ apart from some humour here and there.

Yes direct, humorous in parts, heaven forbid, you need something to lighten your day if you still have IBS. My books and resources provide immediate, tangible information, enabling YOU the Sufferer or YOU, as a carer for someone with IBS, the tools to deal with and care for the IBS Victim. I have endeavoured to help and assist with the reasoning behind the actions, so that people can manage their disorders, and their disorder doesn’t manage them.

Work your way through IBS” will give you detailed and up-to-date information about irritable bowel syndrome. It will help you find the best way to manage your condition and show you how I managed to tame my IBS using a systematic approach to irritable bowel syndrome.

51 big reasons why you should buy “Work your way through IBS” the book includes the following sections:

  1. What Is IBS?
  2. Drs. usual approach:  before doing any tests
  3. What  IBS Isn’t? or why self diagnosis is no diagnosis!
  4. Back to What Is IBS?
  5. What are the Symptoms?
  6. IBS once diagnosed, will give two or more of the following symptoms
  7. Other potential indicators may appear, or symptoms may include
  8. Diagnosis
  9. What can we do about it?
  10. IBS affects Your Mind
  11. Do you know any of your trigger’s already?
  12. Wheat may be big stuff for you, But what’s the small stuff?
  13. Understanding Is Power!!
  14. Relax!
  15. Planning for Recovery
  16. Here is a schematic to help you
  17. Food Triggers
  18. MP3 Listen to the recording more
  19. Use ‘cancel, cancel’, etc.
  20. Use breathing exercises and 123 relax
  21. Breaking bad Habits and Changing Patterns
  22. Coping Strategies
- Active Responses
  23. Things You Can Do
  24. Are you hungry?
  25. Things You Can Think
  26. Remind yourself how hard it was to get this far.
  27. IBS Maintenance Mode
  28. What’s going to help me get there and stay there?
  29. Relaxation
  30. Relaxation Techniques WHY?
  31. Deep Breathing
  32. The Safe Place Technique
  33. How you think affects how you feel and how you talk to yourself also has an effect on that
  34. How the subconscious listens…to your self-talk.
  35. I noticed that there were two extremes:
  36. Phrase Suggestions Positively
  37. Use the Present Tense
  38. Suggesting Realistic Actions to yourself
  39. IBS Exercise and Recovery
  40. Exercise and You
  41. Exercise the excellent stress-reliever
  42. Your Exercise Routine
  43. Your Exercise Plan
  44. Reward Yourself!
  45. Your 30-Day Reward Plan
  46. Homework:
  47. Who Am I?
  48. I know it’s another task but it’s important
  49. List things to do:
  50. Physical Activities you like
  51. Comfort Activities you like
  52. FREE Mp3 Relaxation Download included!

Covering such topics as:

  • Just what’s is irritable bowel syndrome? What’s wrong with me?
  • The medical tests and treatment you may encounter.
  • Questions to ask your doctor.
  • What alternative types of treatment are there?
  • A number of self-management strategies
  • How you are managing your IBS now a benchmark so we can plot your progress.
  • Thinking about what you want to change.
  • Use the suggestions in “Work your way through IBS” to plan ways to making the changes.
  • Who has IBS?
  • What are the symptoms? Do I have them all?
  • IBS will not kill you and WHY!
  • The population of the northern hemisphere and just how many may be suffering?
  • Is IBS on the increase?
  • What is abnormal in the bodies of people with the condition – nothing and why!
  • IBS sufferers have normal looking bowels why?
  • IBS sufferers have bowels that are sensitive.
  • A healthy diet is important for the bowel to work properly.  Healthy for whom?
  • People with IBS do not need medical tests – Incorrect IBS is diagnosed through elimination of all else!

That’s why if YOU have blood with your faeces, YOU are losing weight, or being woken at night by pain and the need for the toilet , then you do need medical assessment NOW! Not this workbook!

If you don’t have the symptoms detailed in the sentence above then great…

Finally, “Work your way through IBS” explains everything you’ll ever need to know and you will never have to wonder If ‘The Misery of IBS Will End’…

Work your way through IBS” Will Ease Your Pain And Enable Your Old Day-To-Day Life to return!”

Understand that using “Work your way through IBS”  before applying any herbal, or other remedies should after the diagnosis, of course be the first step. You can re use the system then to see how herbal and other none pharma affect you – good or bad.

With “Work your way through IBS” there just may be no need to do anything else if you have been thorough using the system revealed in “Work your way through IBS

Buy It Now!  and “Work your way through IBS”


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