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Who Is IBSGone

Who Is IBSGone

What’s my Background – My background now is in Stress reduction and change management for both individual and Businesses. I have held management positions before starting this business and now joined the ranks of Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I have been employed by big brand names with the brand such as Lucas Industries in their Heavy Duty Braking Division – Girling where I was part of a task force and added manufacturing systems engineering to my portfolio of Skills. Others,  such as Stemco Truck Products of the USA, part of the Coltec Industries group.

I have experience in mergers and acquisitions and I am familiar with the unsettling effect this has on both staff as a collective and as the individual from a first hand point of view.

For some, dealing with the relief of not been the ‘chosen one’ or the survivor syndrome. Their initial relief can turn into guilt at having kept their jobs while their colleagues lost out. This can also develop into envy over their colleagues’ severance packages or even their new jobs or life situations. These situations, as a result of mergers or take overs or just company downsizing can be unsettling.

I later also held sales management roles at Walker Exhausts and Monroe Shock Absorber business and was responsible to European headquartered Product Managers and Directors of the Tenneco Group of companies headquartered in Brussels. I later was employed by a multinational German company in their Truck and Rail component divisions. Voith in a similar responsible role.  I was responsible for the program of maintenance and repairs to rolling stock of London Underground and for all train coupler products in the UK. I have had extensive management experience, which encompasses change management and business development.
I am fully aware of what businesses and individuals need to prosper in today’s fast moving and challenging environments. I was also employed as management and Professional development activities within companies. This ensured an up to date practice, knowledge of new techniques and even went on to address improved client care.

I have, during my training as a Foot Health Practitioner pursued, obviously necessary training in Anatomy and Physiology to this end my investigative work has lead me to use these skills to carry out in depth investigations which have resulted in the production an IBS Workbook – Work your way through IBS. This allows you to follow my system of exposing your IBS.

To further expand the knowledge after the workbook  – Work your way through IBS I have also produced another Guide to help you see the relationship between foods and their trigger potential and identify other possible triggers which may still lay undetected that are affecting you! The Ultimate guide to IBS Triggers – is for that purpose. the two books complement each other and should be used together. I recommend that you use Work your way through IBS first then later cross refer your ‘other potential triggers’ later with Ultimate guide to IBS Triggers. This way you have performed an intensive investigatory approach to YOUR IBS as we all have it but we are all different!

Once this is complete and you are left with knowing what was affecting your health and whatsmore you are more capable with deal with it.

The systematic analytical approach in Work your way through IBS shows how your internal nervous system has an effect on your stomach and your mind. The ‘mind gut link’ is explained this easy to read diagrams and steps to help you during your discovery phase. The workbook breaks the complication of IBS into manageable chunks that you can understand.


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