Are YOU having issues with IBS

Are YOU having issues with IBS

Are YOU having issues with IBS and want to know a fantastic way to get to grips and manage the problem?

Work your way through IBS Pdf
Work your way through IBS Pdf

The systematic approach to analysing and eliminating the what, where, when, and how, of IBS is RIGHT HERE!

The products here provide YOU with the strategy  “Work your way through IBS” does just that!
This great book covers all the important aspects of the IBS diagnosis, whilst also providing a detailed review of the procedures taken to diagnose YOU.

Have all the avenues been explored? Find out here!  Work your way through IBS

An in-depth, but at the same time understandable approach has been taken to guide you through the diagnostic phase and into the all-important phase of elimination.

Taking the newly diagnosed patient from the being ‘cast adrift’ with your diagnosis to doing something to help yourself get better.

Get out of the pure reliance on your doctor

Take charge of your IBS!

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I take you through the ‘step by step’ procedures

These procedures used by myself to eliminate my IBS symptoms .

I got my life back from 20 years+ of IBS ‘life’.

So how will you do that?

The tasks are broken down into bite size chunks to enable you to take the doctor’s diagnosis and further understand why and how IBS has gripped YOUR body.
More importantly I help YOU eliminate the fear factor and explain how to reduce the effects of your IBS while we sort it!

How do I do that you ask?
Well I provide you with the tools and supporting evidence to help you on your journey to be IBS FREE.

The hard work has been done for you! I detail all the ‘ins’ and particularly the ‘outs’ in detail, so that you become as knowledgeable as you can to firstly understand more about IBS and take the fear and most of all, the mystery out of the IBS.

YOU will be able to release that gripping fear that is IBS, that has not only controlled you, but also added to your symptoms.

I explain WHY!

I often hear that “I have IBS” and so often that “a Family member has it”, may be. Enduring this syndrome and its life wrecking symptoms is now a thing of the past.

Why are you here?

You are here looking for support material to help yourself or a family member

You are in the RIGHT PLACE!

IBS is what we have!

All who have it will agree, but we are all suffering differently, with differing combinations of symptoms, however the over all symptom collection fits the IBS diagnostic criteria.

That said, each and every person responds differently.

This systematic workbook –   “Work your way through IBS” Focuses your mind on what IBS Isn’t and what we can do about helping ourselves out or through IBS.

“Work your way through IBS” presents many tools that people with IBS can utilize to gain control over their symptoms. I focus on new topics, such as the mind gut relationship, the physical connections between the mind and gut, (the wandering thing within us that connects all our symptoms to IBS). YES! There is a connection!

I focus on and divulge all the tools in the therapist’s toolbox, adding it to physiological research that is still being done and that that has been done in recent times, makes this workbook a powerful thing to have.

Understanding the ‘mind gut link’ is made simple here illustrated for you to see the connecting dots. I reveal the links within  “Work your way through IBS” for all to see. Those with the added Fibromyalgia can also benefit from this as the connections may rid them of their symptoms too.

I use practices I have taught to my clients on how to use positive thinking and positive self-talk and how to eliminate negative self talk to manage YOUR IBS flare-ups.


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IBS is one of the Northern hemisphere’s best kept secrets! Why? Who talks about their bowel movements or non-movements at the dinner table, or at a drinks party, first date or at work? Only the brave! For they who do, stand a chance of being ostracized, embarrassed or belittled by the uncaring.

There are more people with IBS in the northern hemisphere than there are with cancer! More productive days are lost to industry too. For that matter there’s more on this in  “Work your way through IBS

It’s a common known fact that 60% of the sufferers are women – who suffer from this debilitating syndrome, which affects their daily lives, their pleasure times, right into the bedroom and their sex lives. The thought of being unclean or dirty there, is another dimension from the thoughts that cross the mind of the ‘normal’ in the population! Wind / gas even faecal incontinence can be a confidence buster let alone a relationship hijacker.

Another good reason why IBS shouldn’t be allowed to wreak any more havoc in your life. Be confident, be carefree  “Work your way through IBS

One of the primary areas focussed upon and often in the past laughed off by the medical fields was that of DIET!

Amongst the suffering, IBS must be controlled primarily through diet!

Work your way through IBS” takes you through the trigger points that also includes the subject of diet.

I address the FODMAP’s approach and add other new dimensions and clues as to what else may be affecting you and what other relationships exist between ‘food families’ and the highly processed food we are presented with today.

I have detailed a route to your ‘no buy list’ and the possibility to retry what you thought affected you!

I have also said some foods have a cumulative effect on IBS. “It only happens after three slices of bread. Three is the overload, whereas two slices are not affecting me, hence I’m not sure what’s getting me!”

‘Work your way through IBS’ will help you find this and other relationships between foods.

The Ultimate guide to IBS Triggers
The Ultimate guide to IBS Triggers

I am currently working on another project, which will take this work further. The concise work to date is available here “The Ultimate Guide to IBS Triggers” this a comprehensive list of trigger foods and processed food inclusions. This is being vastly expanded right now, to all foods available in the shops today as well as the natural foodstuffs too.

The  “Work your way through IBS”  does require some effort. Its not a magic wand. Then if it were, I would have a queue at my door. Everyone likes something for nothing and a cure like waving the magic wand would be welcome. This is something to be done for the serious people who no longer want IBS and who are content to apply the effort.

This  “Work your way through IBS”, does not mean you are going to starve or be deprived for long periods of everything nice. You are not!

You will however find out what’s good for you, or not good for you, by way of the workbook and the techniques revealed within it.

The usual are mentioned in the way of triggers such as: red meat, dairy, most fats, caffeine, alcohol, and insoluble fibre etc. this  “Work your way through IBS” goes far beyond this.

Work your way through IBS” provides up to date information about IBS and its developments in the last decade and provides ways of controlling IBS, based on my long experience of having IBS and treating IBS patients.

IBS is a life wrecking and tortuous disorder when at its worst, right down to just an irritant to some. As I have already alluded, IBS interferes with the child who has it, or the adult, or patients. It precludes the daily activities of some, to making some housebound at its extreme. The good news if you can call it that is that it does not develop into a serious disease or kill YOU.

Understanding the RED FLAG! “Work your way through IBS” explains what to watch out for and when to return to your doctor with haste!

Why did I write this  “Work your way through IBS?”  Because I wanted to share my methods with you to enable you to achieve an ‘IBS FREE LIFE’  like I have. To give YOU help in understanding and the potential to learn ways of controlling YOUR IBS, whilst helping you to help yourself back to leading a normal life. It also enables YOU to help YOUR children and closest friends and relatives to see the best of you, not the back of you on your way to the toilet.


BUY IT NOW  “Work your way through IBS”